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On its historical scope and organization, the number of participants in the political results and significance of the April Uprising in 1876 is the largest manifestation of the Bulgarian national liberation movement during the Renaissance. It is the logical outcome of centuries of struggle of the Bulgarian people for liberation, for the ideas of Georgi Rakovski, Lyuben Karavelov of Vasil Levski and Hristo Botev. At the end of 1875 Giurgiu Central Revolutionary Committee decided to prepare an uprising in the Bulgarian lands, which burst in the spring of 1876 Bratcigovo the territory of IV Revolutionary District with the center of Panagyurishte and capital apostles Panayot Volov and Georgi Benkovski.

On 22/02/1876, the house of Nicolas Boianov under the direction of George Benkovski based local revolutionary committee chaired pop Sokol / Nicolas Troianov / secretary and Vasil Petleshkov. Pop Sokol was born in 1824 in Bratsigovo. He graduated from a school in his native village, then was sent to the monastery "St. Mary 'end Krichim. Later he was ordained a priest in Bratcigovo taught in elementary and class uchzlnshte.
Vasil Angelov Petleshkov was born on 14.01.1845, the son of Catherine and Nayden Velchev. Umar's father earlier. Mother remarried a rich man Bratsigovo Angel Petleshkov who adopts her children. In 1873 Petleshkov ends "hundred day" courses pharmacist in Istanbul. Returned to his native Bratcigovo, he tirelessly works for the cultural advancement of the population. Under his leadership in 1874 it was founded chltalishte "Trandafil" to which he was elected president. With the establishment of the local revolutionary committee Vasil Petleshkov entirely attributed to the revolutionary idea and the struggle for freedom of the embattled nation.

Committee Bratcigovo became a center of revolutionary ideas surrounding villages. Identify areas for canvassing by members of the revolutionary committee. For with. Kozarsko with. Zhrebichko - pop Sokol and Nicolas Boianov in with. He runs - Vasil Petleshkov Peter Likomanova in with. Pink - Angel Arnaoudov and Vasil Petleshkov and with. Ravnogor - Shteryu Likomanova and Stoyan Jurukov. Local revolutionary committee expanded its activities in the villages Radilovo and Captain Dimitrievo. Building up revolutionary committees that are directly subordinated to the committee Bratcigovo - is formed Bratzigovo insurgent checkpoint. Began intensive days of preparation for the upcoming uprising, collected money to buy weapons, gunpowder, lead. Made cherry balls, firecrackers, cast bullets, teacher Anna Gizdova sew the flag of the rebels, the women sew uniforms are formed rebel army, are conducted military activities.
On the eve of the uprising 14 to April 16, the apostles of ІV- you Revolutionary District convened the historic meeting in the area "Oborishte". Here attend Vassal Petleshkov - representative of Bratzigovo insurgent checkpoint. He was elected chairman of the commission, which should elaborate a military plan for the uprising in the county and appeal to the people.

The uprising broke out early on April 20, 1876 in town. Kableshkov notified by letter Bloody apostles in Panagyurishte. Vasil Petleshkov, witnessed the exhilaration and enthusiasm of Panagyurishte, leave for Bratcigovo. With myself taking several copies of the proclamation to AQUA SPORT nation and Bloody letter that announced the uprising in settlements on the right bank of the river Maritsa - Radilovo, Peshtera, Batak, Perushtitsa and others.
On April 21 circuits Bounar in Bratsigovo Vasil Petleshkov read the proclamation, Bloody letter and announce the uprising with the words: "Riot! Riot! Panagyurntse, Koprivshtitsa, Klisura and villages rebelled!"

Began sixteen days of freedom and struggle of people of Bratsigovo and the region.
In the course of the uprising, from 21 to 25 April villagers from the villages Captain Dimitrievo, Radilovo, running, Kozarsko, Zhrebichko and Ravnogor moved to Bratsigovo women and children. Is formed rebel army of 1333 fighters organized dozens, hundreds and Hyades. For captain over a thousand determined Vasil Petleshkov, chief manager of buying soma 350mg overnight Defense - George Angeliev by with. Radilovo, chief of equipment - Dyacho Varbanov from the village Ravnogor, deputy Vasil Petleshkov - Lazar Iliev from the village of Kapitan Dimitrievo. The rebels lead successful offensive battles against the Turks enemy in the vicinity of Bratsigovo. On April 27, in the most solemn manner in the area "grave" is tested cherry artillery / consisting of twelve cannon / under the direction of George Sharov. Bratzigovo defense is one of the most organized in the IV Revolutionary District. Protection of the fortified camp - Bratcigovo lasts from April 21 to May 6th. After successful fighting on 5-6 May against regular Ottoman army Bracigovo rebels were forced to begin negotiations. Parlamentaori were sent to negotiate with the chief Ottoman forces - Hassan Pasha. Reached a truce. The condition is that the rebels to lay down their arms and surrender Head - Chieftain Vasil Petleshkov. order to save the lives of people in Bratsigovo Petleshkov alone is transmitted. Grazing commands to put it in the fire, hoping to crush the proud apostle. Fire and moan! Ashes and despair! Blood and land! And above all, a Bulgarian pride - courageous and invincible! Petleshkov will only uttered the words: "I am alone, others will!"

In April Uprising of 1876 in the final days of the pogrom of Bratsigovo insurgent checkpoint were killed and 143 imprisoned rebels 252 pax.


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