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Archaeological data indicate the presence of prehistoric man in these places.
It is proved that these lands inhabited the Thracian tribe Besi.
For that here lived Thracians, speak a number of facts:
- During the excavations of one of the mounds in the "gorge" are found the remains of Thracian burial.
- when wiring the road to the village Ravnogor in 1924 opened masonry tomb.
- in 1926 the construction of the railway Bratcigovo line - Cave near the area "Parlevi fountains" were excavated ancient iron tools, like sickles.
- In 1928, when the abstraction of the spring in the "St. Trinity" were found coins from the 4 c. BC and coins II and IV century.

In '46 BC Roman Emperor Claudius conquered the Thracians and converted their lands in the province Besica. Romans gradually involving them in their culture, such as building roads, buildings and more. For example, the "rotating Kamen" is dotted by old walls. There are many white stones foreign origin of the area. Here are unearthed tools, coins, clay pots, pots and more. vessels. In 1927 he found a bronze statue of Pallas Athena in "loops". To place "rotating Kamen" is passed cobblestones, which is why the place which coincides way is called "highway." A place "Krastets" has remained herself as a crossroads of Roman roads. Since Roman times the area "Banishte" Now spa Bratsigovo.
Heritage from Roman times and ore mining. In the "Barutchiynitsata" has reserved thick layers of cinder, a sign of processed ores and metals. From the same time remained a number of religious cult rituals, such as the Feast of the Ascension of mermaids.


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